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An award-winning studio from Mumbai


Floss interactives

An award-winning studio from Mumbai, in the business of creating unforgettable interactive experiences.

Floss Interactive is a creative content company that offers 360º cross-platform creative and production services to leading brands and advertising agencies. We have the skills and expertise to craft imaginative ideas into reality, from inception to completion, across all media channels. We are a team of passionate creators who believe in the power of storytelling.
We use our skills and experience to bring stories to life through engaging and innovative content.

We progressively grew from operating out of an apartment to establishing a production studio with a staff of more than 20 creative professionals. Because of the success of our early projects, we were able to assemble a talented and versatile group of directors and artists. Our team’s diversity of abilities, originality, and experience allow us to provide our clients with extremely creative and insightful solutions. Whether it’s an online video, a TV commercial, or a social media campaign, we have the ability to produce high- quality content that will capture your audience’s attention.

Bringing Your Story from Concept to Reality

Connecting our creativity with philosophy, we provide our clients innovative solutions that are not only aesthetically appealing/beautiful, but also capable of communicating to enhance sales/awareness. We recommend thoroughly researching the client, the product/services, and the market in order to give a strong base for our creative ideas and implementation.

Our Core

Rahul Bhansali

Rahul Bhansali

Josvita Dias

Josvita Dias

Business Development


Business Development

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